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Forex Trading Risk – How to Think About Money

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I'm sure by now that you've all heard the statement in relation to Forex trading risk: 'Only trade with the funds that you can afford to lose.'

I can tell you the first time I heard that statement. It was like my inner self said 'Yep, sure thing boss. No problem, only trade what you can afford to lose.' Hence I placed absolutely no thought to Forex trading risk.

Managing Forex trading risk makes perfect sense right? But the funny thing is, I immediately forgot that lesson the moment I started trading.

It is vital to pay attention to this as part of a traders education. Read on to understand why, and how you can avoid this especially relevant Forex trading risk mistake.

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Forex Trading is Easy

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The following is a fact. Most new traders come to trading with an expectation of making massive returns in a short period of time.

Everywhere you look, trading sites and forums make claims of massive, almost instantaneous, easy money returns. This is just not true.

Let's face facts, if it was that easy, everyone would be doing it! And if everyone was making huge gains, then the brokers and market makers would be out of business pretty quickly.

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Forex Trading Course: LittlefishFX

Sam Barry (CEO & Founder) and his team at Littlefish FX built this forex trading course. Sam has previously worked in banks and has spent the last 10 years studying the financial markets. He has built a company that trades and develops advanced trading systems. Sam admits he has managed to make almost every mistake in forex trading, and has tried various courses, strategies and tried to absorb pretty much every piece of information he could. Sam and his team now successfully trade billions of dollars each month.

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2 Forex Profit Testing In The Profit Lab

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The nature of the trading industry is to fill your inboxes with garbage. If you have any interest in trading I guarantee if you check your SPAM filters, you have 'trading' related junk in there. And all these messages will claim forex profit, stock or some other profits. Lookout for "Binary Options" - the latest of these scam emails.

But there are diamonds in the rough. The problem is it's so difficult to find the wheat amongst the chaff. The old needle in the haystack conundrum. Except that in trading even when you find the needle, it can go rusty after a period of time.

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2 What It’s All About


I've been trading the financial markets now for a little over 8 years. And when I began trading, I had no idea what I was doing. Other than a computer and a web browser, I had no way to identify how to trade. I went through a whole bunch of mini-disasters, but my story is not unique. I have friends who have lost a lot more than money, so I dedicate this site to those that came before me and lost so those that come after me can win.

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