Virtual Private Servers

Let’s begin by talking about reasons you might want to consider trading on a VPS instead of trading on your own computer directly.

  • You can trade anywhere. You can connect to your platform from anywhere as long as you have a network connection where you can log onto your VPS to trade, even from a hotel or internet café
  • Trade even if your power goes out. Whether you trade manually or automatically (EA or mechanical system), you can continue to trade even if your power goes out
  • Trade at any time of day. Self explanatory – as your VPS is running 24/7 it can place trades at any time of the day (automatically) or manually when you log in
  • Robust security. Good VPS systems offer robust security. Managed VPS servers are checked regularly to make sure that they are functioning, and most companies guarantee at least 99.9% percent uptime. You can also rest safe in the knowledge only you can access the VPS via a secure login and password
  • Reduce your slippage. A VPS can execute your trades more quickly than your computer can because it is much faster transmitting the orders (see latency below). This results in less delay and less slippage
  • Reduce your power usage. You don’t have to leave your desktop or notebook PC running 24/5. You can shutdown at night, safe in the knowledge that your VPS is continuing to manage your trades while you sleep
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A virtual private server is a special type of server which is housed on the same computer as several other virtual private servers—this is why they are termed “virtual.” Despite the fact that they’re all located on one machine, they can operate independently of each other. Given your own VPS, you can install an operating system of your choice on it, have the power to reboot your system, and basically have full control over the server as though it were the only one on the machine. You’re guaranteed a certain amount of space, RAM, and transfer allowance per month. Your VPS has its own dedicated power supply and offers flexibility, stability, and convenience.

BeeksFX are soley a VPS company for traders, they DO NOT host websites, their sole focus is to provide low latency rock solid VPS and infrastructure solutions for their trader and broker partners. They feature dedicated racks with strategic London and New York based Data Centres allows them to provide the ultimate VPS solution for traders

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