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Forex Trading Course: LittlefishFX

Littlefish FX Forex Trading Course

Forex Trading Course


Littlefish FX Forex Trading Course


Sam Barry (CEO & Founder) and his team at Littlefish FX built this forex trading course. Sam has previously worked in banks and has spent the last 10 years studying the financial markets. He has built a company that trades and develops advanced trading systems. Sam admits he has managed to make almost every mistake in forex trading, and has tried various courses, strategies and tried to absorb pretty much every piece of information he could. Sam and his team now successfully trade billions of dollars each month.


You want a guide to everything you need in order to be successful in Forex trading. You want to be taken from the very basics, up to the more advanced techniques, indicators and favoured strategies. You also want to be armed with all the leading tools and indicators that Littlefish FX use daily. This forex trading course is for you!

How Much:

£499.00 for Life-Time Access


For MetaTrader 4:

  • LFX Order Flow Trader & Psych Indicator (MT4 Indicators Package)

For NinjaTrader & MetaStock:

  • LFX Order Flow Trader
  • Order Flow Volume and Delta Suite
  • COT Indicator
  • Psych Indicator
  • Pin Bar Indicator
  • COT Implied Positions
  • COT Multi-System
  • ATR Boundaries

It begins in Section 1 with an introduction from Sam Barry (CEO and Founder) as well as an introduction to the world of forex, trading plans, psychology, how to avoid over trading, risk management, charting & candlesticks, technical & fundamental analysis and ends with several actual trading strategies that also use proprietary indicators supplied with the course.

littlefish fx forex course

Bullish Engulfing Pattern - EURAUD Daily (1)

littlefish fx forex course

Bullish Engulfing Pattern - EURAUD Daily (2)

littlefish fx forex course

Bearish Engulfing Pattern - AUDUSD Daily

Example images above from Section 1 of the LittleFish FX Forex Course

The course continues in Section 2 with an overview of trend trading, momentum, channels, trading timeframes, trading support & resistance, confluence, convergence and breakouts. The course then decidedly switches gear as focus shifts to a more institutional view with an introduction to COT (Commitment Of Traders) and then features how to use the Littlefish FX proprietary COT Indicator. Section 2 then finishes with further trading strategies delivering highly probable forex trading methods which any trader, beginner or pro can utilise to build a profitable account over the long term.

littlefish fx forex course

Consolidation - EURUSD Daily (1)

littlefish fx forex course

Breakout Setup - EURUSD 15Min (1)

littlefish fx forex course

Breakout In Play - EURUSD 15Min (2)

Example images above from Section 2 of the LittleFish FX Forex Course

The last part of the course - Section 3 - leads with Order Flow, then onto Volume Profile, Volume Profile + Candlesticks, VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price), Delta (Book Pressure), Delta Speed and Constant volume bars. Next is the final set of trading strategies - Order Flow and Volume. The section finishes with a bonus: Professional Performance Monitoring where traders can gain a better understanding of how the big boys (like hedge funds) measure the performance of a trader or system.

littlefish fx forex course

Order Flow - EURUSD Daily

littlefish fx forex course


littlefish fx forex course

Delta (Book Pressure) - NZDUSD 10Min

Example images above from Section 3 of the LittleFish FX Forex Course

Following the 3 sections are the Appendices which feature the complete trading strategies archive, video strategies and trade examples, trading plans, a forex glossary and a conclusion to the course from Sam Barry.

What I really like in this forex trading course is Littlefish FX's approach to delivering forex education combined with proprietary trading systems and platform indicators - most of which are not available anywhere else. These are (some) of the actual systems the team at Littlefish FX use to trade huge amounts of funds each and every day. And they deliver these same strategies and indicators to those that choose to subscribe to their Forex Trading Course. The education is exceedingly in-depth, with many charts and clear examples of everything being discussed.

I've mentioned this elsewhere and it's worth repeating - I am a big fan of simplification. Understanding that simplification here comes in the form of clean charts with easy to use indicators and the education to both understand and use these systems and indicators.

About the Author

I've spent literally thousands of dollars on courses, tools, robots, expert advisors mentors and anything else that I thought might give me an advantage in the financial markets. I lost a whole lot of money because I was overconfident and thought I'd mastered trading when I simply hadn't. I write in the hopes that I might help others avoid the same pitfalls I and some of my trading buddies fell into.

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